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We meet every 2nd Sunday evening from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm online.  You are always welcome to visit our meetings!
例会は、毎月第2日曜日の午後7時から9時まで, オンラインにて開催しています。例会へのご参加を心より歓迎致します。

English/ Japanese Bilingual Club

Roppongi TMC is a bilingual public speaking club in English and Japanese that is affiliated with Toastmasters International ( a non-profit organization. There are more than 16,400 affiliated clubs worldwide with over 352,000 members. Toastmasters also has about 200 clubs in Japan. Toastmasters, Japan (District 76)’s the official website:
に加盟する、英語と日本語のバイリンガル・パブリックスピーキング・クラブです。トーストマスターズは、全世界で16,400以上のクラブが加盟し、352,000人以上の会員がいます。 また日本には、約200程のトーストマスターズ・クラブがあります。トーストマスターズ日本支部:

Benefits of Toastmasters

Public Speaking
Practice and improve your communication skills while completing a range of projects to gain the basic skills needed to present an effective speech.
Interpersonal Communication
Being an excellent communicator, strong, presenter, or effective leader is more than just being able to give a well-prepared presentation.  

Each member helps play various roles in helping the meeting run smoothly. The various projects help develop the basic skills needed to be an effective leader.


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